Sonax Antifreeze & Clear View Concentrate to yield top scores in GTÜ test

Together with the Auto Club Europa (ACE), the Society for Technical Inspection (GTÜ) compared ten windscreen cleaners for the winter – five concentrates and five ready-to-use mixtures. Test winner was Sonax Antifreeze & Clear View Concentrate achieving the overall rating “highly recommended”. Other products had to accept considerable deductions of points. Particularly among the five “conditionally recommended” windscreen cleaners the testers found fault with the inferior cleaning performance, odour nuisances and some misleading statements on the frost protection.

The cleaners were tested under winter conditions in the temperature-controlled test stand. Sonax Antifreeze & Clear View performed best in removing the mixture of soot, silicone oil and anionic surfactants: two wipe cycles with five washer activations each were enough for the Sonax product to clean the windscreen. The worst competitive products could not complete this task with as many as ten cycles, which also has an impact on the costs per cleaning process: with nineteen cents Sonax is ahead of all competitors although not being among the cheapest products when looking at the price per litre.

The GTÜ experts also criticised some of the instructions: particularly the application area details given on the concentrates up to minus sixty degrees Celsius suggested that they could be used undiluted. But this is not recommended as the concentrates can only remove dirt on the windscreen without leaving residue or streaks when mixed with water. The product’s cleaning power is much more important than the maximum frost protection and should be geared to temperatures around freezing point – i.e. from plus ten to minus ten degrees Celsius. For extremely cold weather, the test winner’s mixing chart includes dosages to achieve frost protection of up to minus thirty degrees Celsius.

Test table and additional information:

Top scores in GTÜ test: Sonax Antifreeze & Clear View Concentrate

GTÜ test: SONAX Antifreeze & Clear View Concentrate achieving the overall rating “highly recommended”.

Sonax Antifreeze & Clear View Concentrate in use

Sonax Antifreeze & Clear View Concentrate for the windscreen washer convinces by high cleaning power, low consumption and low cost per cleaning cycle.