Sonax Insect Star is “highly recommended”

Ten insect cleaners have been put to the test by “auto motor und sport” magazine. The Sonax Insect Star has rated very highly, displaying top cleaning effectiveness in the practical test, and the lowest price per litre, prompting testers to give an overall verdict of “highly recommended”.When it comes to removing insect marks, cleaning strength is the most important factor, since the dirt is often stuck hard and fast to the vehicle.

For this reason, the editors weighted the “Cleaning performance” category particularly heavily, assigning it 50 of the total 100 points. The surprising effectiveness of the Sonax Insect Star became especially apparent in the practical test, with the product in the 750-ml spray bottle placing first here.Best value for moneyThe test results also provide detailed information on price comparisons: With a per-litre price of EUR 9.32 as calculated by the editors, the Sonax product significantly undercuts all other test participants. The most expensive product was calculated as having a per-litre price of EUR 19.80. Even in direct comparison with two other products similarly rated as “highly recommended”, the Sonax Insect Star offers the best value for money. “auto motor und sport” magazine itself also ranks it highly, given its price advantage of more than four Euros per litre over the top performers.The test results were published in the 17th edition of “auto motor und sport” dated 6 August 2015.