All-rounders for a time-saving brilliant performance

The new “Sonax Xtreme Spray+Protect” spray sealant, for example, is simpler and quicker than any previous paintwork sealing: thanks to intensive development the Sonax R&D experts designed a paintwork sealing that can be applied during the vehicle wash, requiring around five minutes only. The innovative product celebrates its German debut at the 2017 Essen Motor Show.

While classical paintwork sealing products can only act on clean and dry paintwork surfaces, “Sonax Xtreme Spray+Protect” is applied immediately after the shampoo wash, without previous drying. After washing and rinsing off the dissolved dirt, “Sonax Xtreme Spray+Protect” is directly sprayed on the wet vehicle. The formula based on cutting-edge paintwork preservation technology acts instantly: the high-tech components immediately link to the surface structure of the vehicle paintwork – without manual polishing. Reasonable additional benefit: the composition also maintains and protects plastic parts and metal surfaces, such as chromium-plated, stainless-steel and aluminium surfaces. Immediately afterwards and without any drying, the vehicle is rinsed with water. Using an absorbent microfibre cloth or car leather, the vehicle’s surfaces are then dried, which is done more simply and conveniently as most of the water simply runs off. The startling effect is visible straight away: “Sonax Xtreme Spray+Protect” produces an impressing colour depth and mirror-like shine. At the same time, the product restores long-lasting sealings.

Ultrafast polishing with “Sonax Xtreme Spray Polish”

Another brilliant idea from the car care specialist’s R&D department is “Sonax Xtreme Spray Polish”, which is presented to the public for the first time at Essen Motor Show. The new development for a particularly quick and convenient paintwork care contains innovative active ingredients that turn the product into a real all-rounder: the highly effective active foam formulation allows to remove stubborn residual dirt after the wash and to gently polish the paintwork at the same time. The spray is ideally applied with a microfibre cloth, either manually after the wash or in the car wash.

In one single step, the dirt-dissolving components remove tar stains, insect residue or other stubborn residual dirt, while microfine polishing granules smooth out fine scratches or clouding in the paintwork surface. Thus, common signs of wear caused by finger nails, dirt particles or climatic influences are removed thoroughly, exceptionally conveniently and expeditiously. The result convinces by a fresh colour effect and a radiant deep shine, previously only achieved by classical paintwork polishes. For the effect to last long, Sonax recommends applying a special paintwork sealing afterwards.

“Sonax Xtreme Spray Polish” offers a convincing additional benefit when it comes to refurbishing strained and yellowed headlamp diffusers made of glass or plastic as well as unpainted chrome or aluminium parts. Also, finely scratched and matt surfaces obtain a fresh gloss. And even corroded metal surfaces, for example aluminium door sills, obtain a neat appearance.

Car wash with protective shield: “Sonax Xtreme Wash+Protect”

Another innovation Sonax has to offer particularly addresses demanding car owners, who preferably wash their precious gem by hand: “Sonax Xtreme Wash+Protect” combines the classical properties of a powerful and gentle car shampoo with a visible and noticeable preserving effect. This also saves valuable time: the car is washed as usual and then the paintwork is wiped to a streak-free finish with a car leather or microfibre cloth – done. The paintwork not only appears clean, but also obtains a fresh colour effect and a mirror-like shine. The product’s active agent combination produces a water and dirt-repellent preservation that lasts for several weeks. Good to know: “Sonax Xtreme Wash+Protect” conserves and even convincingly restores existing paintwork preservations, for example based on hard wax or polymers.   

Während klassische Lackversiegelungsprodukte nur auf gereinigten und trockenen Lacken funktionieren, lässt sich das neue „Sonax Xtreme Spray+Protect“ bereits unmittelbar nach der Shampoowäsche auftragen, ohne das Fahrzeug zuvor trockenwischen zu müssen. 
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Die Neuentwicklung für die besonders schnelle und bequeme Lackpflege enthält innovative Wirkstoffe, die aus dem Produkt ein wahres Multitalent machen: Dank einer hochwirksamen Aktivschaumformel lässt sich der Autolack nach der Wäsche von hartnäckigen Restverschmutzungen befreien und gleichzeitig lackschonend polieren. 
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Speziell für anspruchsvolle Autobesitzer, die ihr gutes Stück am liebsten per Hand waschen, hat Sonax eine weitere Neuheit zu bieten: „Sonax Xtreme Wash+Protect“ kombiniert die klassischen Eigenschaften eines leistungsstarken und schonend wirkenden Autoshampoos mit einem sicht- und fühlbaren Konservierungseffekt. 
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