16 000 miles through 14 countries in 14 days

Car care expert Sonax is official partner of the “TDI-Panamericana” – the endurance challenge in honour of the 75th anniversary of the legendary route from Argentina to Alaska. On 2nd July, long-distance specialist Rainer Zietlow and his team started at the southernmost tip of the world’s longest highway; on 15th July, they arrived at its northernmost point. The new VW Touareg 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel took on the exciting 16 000-mile drive.

The longest and most famous highway on Earth celebrates its birthday: in 2011, the Pan-American Highway turns 75. The convention on the North/South connection through the entire American continent was signed in December 1936. Over the years, the system of highways has developed into a vital trade route – and a magnet for (adventure) tourists.

Extra tank kept the six-cylinder Diesel independent from the sparse gas station network

Spectacular races such as the Carrera Panamericana, Mexico’s answer to open-road races in style of Mille Miglia, in the fifties established the Pan-American Highway’s myth and made is as famous as the “Route 66”.

Experienced long-distance expert Rainer Zietlow and his two companions Juan Carlos Fernandez and Marius Biela travelled through 14 countries in 14 days only. An extra 80-gallon tank in the boot kept the VW Touareg 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel independent from the sparse gas station network.

Temperatures from below freezing point to above 100 °F – a hardness test for man and machine

The “TDI-Panamericana Endurance Challenge” started in Ushuaia by the Beagle channel; destination was Deadhorse in Alaska. The route took the crew from Tierra del Fuego to Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, Canada, and finally to Alaska.

Altogether, the challenge covered a distance of 16 000 miles, several climes, temperatures from far below freezing to more than 100 °F, trails through the Atacama Desert, over Andean passes, through humid rainforests and over extreme terrains.

For every kilometre driven during this endurance challenge, Zietlow donated 10 euro cents to Plan International, a charity organisation working in 48 countries to promote children’s rights and living conditions.

All interested users can find more information on the tour at www.tdi-panamericana.com and http://thinkblue.vw.com


Sonax GmbH is Germany’s No. 1 car care brand and, by being represented in 94 countries, is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector worldwide. Having celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2010, the enterprise develops and manufactures at its headquarters in Neuburg/Danube and employs around 300 people in Germany. In 2010, Sonax generated total sales of 86 million euros.

The portfolio comprises products for paintwork care, manual interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles, car care for the winter as well as special products for automated car washes, and cleaning and care products for professional vehicle valeting.

Sonax GmbH is part of the Hoffmann Group of Companies.

The SONAX Partner-Team inside the Panamericana VW Touareg TDI: Rainer Zietlow (right), Marius Biela (left) and Juan Carlos Fernandez

SONAX and a clean VW Touareg TDI meet the Atlantic Coast in Argentina

03-07-2011_4_Argentina_atlantic_coast_Biela (jpg)

The SONAX Partner-Team inside the Panamericana VW Touareg TDI: Rainer Zietlow (right), Marius Biela (left) and Juan Carlos Fernandez


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