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Set the automobile to ‘winter mode’

It's high time that something be done to preserve the value of your car. High-quality rims should always be handled with particular care, and this past summer paintwork had to put up with quite a lot. Even though we are now enjoying these last golden days of autumn, winter is just around the corner. Sonax expert Richard Hanauer explains what's important when it comes to caring for your care right now.If you take a close look at cars, you’ll see that the menaces of last summer were still hard at work. There's hardly a car that doesn't have traces of splattered insects, tree sap or bird droppings. That's why a thorough “spa treatment” for your car is absolutely essential before heading into the cold winter season.

Clay for a thorough cleaning

Before giving your car a thorough cleaning, you always start off by washing it by hand or running it through the carwash. This is especially important so that the subsequent polishing produces an optimum result. We recommend using Sonax Xtreme Spray & Clay, which is essentially a “cleaning clay”. The set consists of the cleaning clay and a special cleaning spray. The clay cleans paintwork surfaces, painted plastic components and windscreens quickly, easily and thoroughly. The product is used after washing the car to remove troublesome spots such as tar, surface rust, splattered insects and tree sap. After spraying on a coat of the spray, simply use the clay to rub off all the grimy spots on the surface, which adhere to the clay and can no longer harm the paintwork. The clay comes in a resealable PE box and can be used several times.

Polish like the pros

After this thorough cleaning, the paintwork can usually stand to be polished. This even restores the brilliant, deep shine and optimally refreshes the colour of like-new paintwork. The best that Sonax has to offer in this segment is Sonax Premium Class Saphir Power Polish. Thanks to its innovative formula, this product achieves polishing results that, up to now, have only been possible with polishing machines. The high-quality set is equipped with a microfibre cloth for thorough and smear-free polishing results and the “P-Ball” polishing sponge specially developed for the polish. Thanks to this handy helper, well-directed pressure can be applied to the paint surface to achieve an improved polishing result. The product can even remove small scratches in the topcoat and evidence of excessive car washing, which is an insult to the owner in the wrong light.

“Total wellness” for the paintwork

After the paintwork has been restored to its original brilliance, we recommend a thorough paintwork conservation to protect against environmental influences. Waxing with especially high-quality ingredients such as those found in Sonax Premium Class Carnauba Care is “total wellness” for the paintwork. The wax content in the product consists of 100% pure and unadulterated “Grade One” carnauba wax. The care set contains an application sponge to apply the wax and a microfibre cloth for a perfect finish. The premium waxing protects against acid rain, salt and typical autumn and winter grime. An alternative is the most modern form of paintwork conservation: Sonax Premium Class Nano paint coating. This technology provides outstanding long-term protection: Environmental influences can do no harm to the paintwork for a full nine months. A layer of modified fluorocarbon nanoparticles as hard as glass protects the paintwork from aggressive environmental influences for up to nine months.Very practical: Users will love the dirt-repelling effect. Even a light rain shower will wash off minor dirt and grime from the vehicle, with even water repellency attesting to optimum paintwork protection. Not much will change when it comes to washing the car by hand or at the carwash: this protective finish even holds up to the stresses of “intense car washers”, protecting the car for the entire winter and beyond.

Ride through the winter safe and sound

When in the coming days you mount your winter tyres, you should also fill up your windscreen washer tank with a high performance winter windscreen cleaner like our Sonax Antifreeze & Clearview concentrate. First you should completely empty out the tank if it still contains a summer formula. There are good reasons for this: If the formulas are mixed, the freeze protection is diminished, and the effect of the summer-winter mix isn't really ideal when temperatures drop. The products have been formulated for the respective temperature ranges. Winter windscreen cleaner also requires different cleaning substances than those used in the summer – for example to quickly remove salt residue.Sonax Antifreeze & Clear view concentrate is based on a highly effective dirt-removing formula that has been specially configured for the types of dirt and grime typically found during cooler months.

The product convinces with best cleaning performance and was the clear test winner several times in the German motor press. Like all Sonax products, the formula is extremely mild on materials and will not corrode painted surfaces, rubber parts or plastics. Even high-quality Xenon headlamps and plastic diffusers with a clear glass design will not be harmed. Aggressive formulas can, for example, cause headlamp diffusers to crack. The glycerine contained in the formula keeps the wiper blades supple and increases their service life. The cleaner is also suitable for fan nozzles.

Make sure not to forget little “winter helpers” such as Sonax Window de-Icer, which saves you the trouble of scraping ice off and potentially damaging your car. With the Sonax Rubber care crayon you’ll keep the rubber seals on doors supple and prevent them from freezing shut in the winter.