Sonax appears brilliantly in the Formula 1

In the first race in Australia, F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel did not bring in great triumph, and in Malaysia, he was dogged by bad luck. However, when it comes to charisma Red Bull Racing Team clearly scores. The budding collaboration with Sonax, the leading manufacturer of car care products from Germany, makes Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber appear brilliantly.

Sonax is “Official Supplier” to the team and lets both the racing cars and the entire fleet of the reigning No. 1 shine. “I feel great in this car,” commented Sebastian Vettel on the Melbourne race, probably not only referring to the technology but also the car’s appearance. “I think we had a better car in the race and it seems to have a lot of potential,” was the Red Bull Racing pilot’s analysis after the race in Australia.

After the unfortunate race in Malaysia, the expectations for the next run in Shanghai are extremely high. “The team has worked very hard,” said Vettel in Malaysia. “We know that we will make more of our possibilities in the future.” Therefore, it will be exciting to see the next race’s finish.

Magnificent finish down to the last detail

A perfect finish – that is what the brilliant innovation from Sonax centres on, too: the new Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer is the right choice when it comes to making automotive treasures shine.

Tuning fans know it as Show & Shine contest, classic car enthusiasts as Concours d’Elegance – the competition for the most extraordinary, most beautiful and most exciting car at tuning and classic car events. What counts here is every detail and perfect finish. That is where the new Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer comes in. Thanks to the innovation, no residue, no water spot and no mote of dust will tarnish the appearance of a perfectly maintained car.

The new product from the Sonax laboratory and a microfibre cloth is all that is needed to remove such “annoyance” in an easy and gentle way – without any water. Spray on, wipe off, done. That is how easy the application is. In addition, the new paintwork care talent removes residue that might damage the paintwork – always, everywhere and before a special treatment becomes necessary. And the cleaning power comes along with a visible caring effect clearly emphasising both colour saturation and the original colour shade. The resulting overall appearance will impress any observer.Additionally, the product prevents unsightly water spots from catching the eye. Practical detail: after the car wash, the vehicle does not need to be dry as dust or leathered. Once the water has run off leaving some residual moisture on the paint, Brilliant Shine Detailer is applied already. Any existing waxing is restored at the same time – the extra lotus effect becomes clearly visible in the next rain shower. As with all Sonax products, the formula is characterised by excellent yield: a few splashes are enough to unleash the complete caring effect. However, even when applied generously, the product does not produce any streaks.

Compared to conventional preserving sprays, this innovation, which contains active, moisture-repellent protection substances, stands out due to its longer durability and reduced dust attraction.

Development taken to the next level: 
Sonax Xtreme polishes with “Hybrid Net Protection Technology”

Another exciting innovation is the Sonax Xtreme range of paintwork care products, coming with completely new formulas and in a new look. This includes Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Wax 1 for pure paintwork preservation and the polishes Sonax Xtreme Polish+Wax 2 and Sonax Xtreme Polish+Wax 3. All products feature the enhanced preservation formula, the Sonax “Hybrid Net Protection Technology”. For those interested in chemistry: in this case, “hybrid” describes the interaction of specific inorganic and organic components. In the new Xtreme paintwork care products, they combine to a robust, stable and weatherproof net, which envelops the paint surface like a protective shield. The treated surface captivates by gentle smoothness, a brilliant deep shine and an outstanding lotus effect.

Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Wax 1 contains no abrasives – after polishing, the Hybrid Net Protection layer leaves a deep gloss and provides long-lasting protection. In case the paintwork is nearly new, but, although treated regularly, appears slightly dull through extreme wear, a “gentle” treatment with the mild polish is best. Micro-fine abrasives smooth hairline cracks and the new Hybrid Net Protection formula lastingly preserves the surface by producing a barrier difficult for water and air to penetrate – even with only one application. Grey and weathered paint surfaces need to be treated with highly effective abrasives that remove the topmost paint layer. The solution: Sonax Xtreme Polish+Wax 3. One single application is enough to restore the colour and deep gloss, making the paint appear “as new”. The product already contains a basic preservation – however, to optimally protect the paint we recommend applying Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Wax 1 afterwards.

SONAX Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer: The cleaning power comes along with a visible caring effect clearly emphasising both colour saturation and the original colour shade. The resulting overall appearance will impress any observer.
Sonax is “Official Supplier” to Red Bull Racing and lets both the racing cars and the entire fleet of the reigning No. 1 shine.
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