New products for workshop and industry use

Sonax Professional range: new powerful special products for workshop and industry use

There is also another Sonax product range that stands for maximum performance: with the Professional line, Sonax presents a number of special products for workshop pros and industrial use. For best performance in the preparation of racecars, leading Formula 1 teams have been using various products from the Sonax Professional range, too. The series in a black high-tech design includes special products for degreasing and cleaning, for routine assembly work plus lubrication and oiling of moving parts. All products are characterised by economy, and simple and efficient use. Some time ago, Sonax expanded this range by adding a number of powerful products for different technical tasks at highest performance level.

One recommendation for professional car interior cleaning is Sonax Professional Universal Cleaner Wipes that ensure quick and convenient cleaning. They are ideal for all slightly soiled surfaces and additionally are well suitable for windows. The practical, resealable bucket contains 80 tear-resistant, lint-free, extra-large (30 x 29 cm) moist cleaning wipes designed for many application areas in industry and trade, workshop and vehicle care.

The latest innovations also include Sonax Professional Zinc Aluminium Spray. It provides long-term protection against corrosion on all metals and is ideal for fixing hot-dip galvanised metal surfaces after welding or assembly. It produces a quick-drying, abrasion-proof, matt silver, protective coating, which can be painted immediately. Thanks to a zinc content of 99 %, it even passes the salt spray test.

Another recommendable addition to the range is Sonax Professional Welding Protection Spray – a release agent for the reliable protection of welding nozzles, workpiece surfaces and tools against spatter. The silicone-free spray facilitates direct further processing of the workpiece without damaging the weld seams.

A further new development – the high-pressure resistant Sonax Professional Drilling & Cutting Oil cooling lubricant – reduces friction force when drilling, turning, milling, cutting or stamping all kinds of metal. The product increases the life span and durability of tools, while reducing handling times and preventing surface damages. The oil is free of silicone and can be sprayed upside down.

Sonax Professional Stainless Steel Maintenance Foam removes dirt, lubricating films, finger marks and water spots from brushed and polished stainless steel, chrome and aluminium surfaces to leave an even gloss. The fresh-scented formula with antistatic effect prevents surfaces from blooming.

More innovations in the Professional range include Sonax Leak Detection Spray for detecting leaks in gas and compressed air lines, and Sonax Adhesive Residue Remover in a practical aerosol can.

Further products in the Sonax Professional range are

Fast and efficient: Degreasing and cleaning

• Sonax Professional Electrical Components Cleaner

• Sonax Professional Brake & Parts Cleaner

• Sonax Professional Universal Foam Cleaner

Best results in routine and assembly works

• Sonax Professional Copper Paste Spray

• Sonax Professional Alu Paste Spray

• Sonax Professional Ceramic Paste Spray

• Sonax Professional Active Rust Dissolver

Specialists for lubrication and oiling of moving parts

• Sonax Professional Tacky Lube Spray

• Sonax Professional Dry Lube Spray

• Sonax Professional Maintenance Spray white

• Sonax Professional Universal Multi Oil

• Sonax Professional Silicone Spray