From Formula 1 to Formel 21: car wash after the heavy rain

Those returning from holiday with the car in the following weeks will also recognise that the car needs to be cleaned and maintained. However, often there is not enough time for a thorough manual maintenance treatment. But: car care in the car wash is a good alternative, as long as the right programme is chosen. Our tip: Sonax Formel 21 – the advanced premium car wash programme. During this special procedure, high-quality Carnauba wax is “massaged into” the vehicle’s paintwork to yield an excellent preserving effect. Sonax Formel 21 protects the paintwork significantly longer than conventional preservation programmes.

Throughout the world, Sonax is successful as manufacturer of care products for car washes, conveyor car washes and self-service wash bays. For 60 years, Sonax has developed and produced car care products at its site in Neuburg, Germany, fulfilling the highest demands of car owners. With the care brand Formel 21, Sonax has succeeded in transferring the well-proven top properties of Sonax products to automatic car washes. The successful Formel 21 technology has been particularly designed for the use in car washes. The preserving effect of the foam car programme clearly exceeds conventional preservation treatments, usually offered as “hot wax”.

How Sonax Formel 21 acts

After the dirt has been thoroughly removed with active foam, shampoo and water, Sonax Formel 21 is applied to the car. Solid intensive foam covers the whole car. The speciality: the foam is then “worked into” the paint with the wash brushes, achieving an intensive contact between maintenance substances and paintwork surface. The product’s real Carnauba wax penetrates and closes all pores. At the same time, the wax maintains the vehicle’s rubber and plastic parts. Thanks to the wax components’ fine structure, the wash brushes can work Sonax Formel 21 into the dense network of modern paintwork. Even scratch-proof paint surfaces are maintained optimally.

Advanced formula, optimised manufacturing process

In 2012, Sonax has refined the car care programme by highest-quality raw materials, special additives and optimised manufacturing processes. The improved preservation becomes evident in noticeable smoothness and a lotus effect that lasts considerably longer. Additionally, fine scratches become invisible just like after manual polishing. The revised formula features stronger foaming and demonstrates a clearly visible and noticeable optimisation of performance. After the treatment, the vehicle is rinsed and dried thoroughly to reveal a convincing gloss. The result: superior sealing with a lotus effect that lasts for weeks. With traditional hot wax, the preserving effect becomes invisible after a short while. With Formel 21, car owners can enjoy the brilliant gloss and protective effect longer.