Sonax Window de-icer succeeds in ADAC test

ADAC testers gave best individual score and rated Sonax Windows de-icer “good”.

When windows freeze, sprays are a convenient and gentle solution to quickly make the car ready to start on cold days. Ice scrapers may scratch the window and ice residues damage the wiper blades.Hence, the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.) put nine window de-icers to test. In all disciplines, Sonax Window de-icer convinces with its balanced properties. Thanks to its constantly good performance fulfilling virtually all test criteria, the product secured the highest score, summarises the ADAC. Sonax Window de-icer received the best individual score (2.1) in the test and the overall rating “good”. Two other products also received a “good” with individual scores of 2.5.

Further test products did not succeed in exceeding “satisfactory”. Test criteria include claims on the label, application and ergonomics, function, material compatibility and health aspects. In addition to the de-icing performance, the ADAC experts consider good protection against re-icing a key quality factor. Moreover, the product should not leave smear and streaks on the glass. Another ADAC test criterion is the spray head, which shall ensure even distribution of the liquid on the window. Additionally, the bottle should never leak out – even when lying on the side.