„The future of paint care is now“: Sonax Xtreme Protect+Shine

“The future of paint care is now” is the headline of the advertising campaign with which Sonax is presenting its paint protection innovation Xtreme Protect+Shine.The new Sonax Xtreme Protect+Shine will thrill car enthusiasts: thanks to a new preservation technology, the latest addition to the Sonax Xtreme range offers noticeable gentle smoothness, lustrous deep shine and extremely durable paint protection that lasts six months.With Sonax Xtreme Protect+Shine, the car care specialist in 2013 launches an outstanding paintwork preservation. The innovation contains a formula which has been developed by the Sonax laboratory based on advanced Hybrid Technology.

Thanks to its very easy application and excellent maintaining properties, this product will find many friends and enthuse car owners instantly. The innovation from Sonax Research and Development has a soil and dust-repellent effect that lasts for months. The impressing lotus effect testifies to best paint protection – even after many washes: Sonax Xtreme Protect+Shine preserves the paint as many as six months. The intensive colour restoration catches the eye as well, and the surface’s soft smoothness makes you literally feel the outstanding caring effect. This is achieved by the enhanced preservation formula with the name “Hybrid Net Protection Technology”. At Sonax, “hybrid” describes the interaction of specific inorganic and organic components. In Sonax Xtreme Protect+Shine, these combine to a robust, stable and weatherproof net, which enhances the paintwork and envelops the surface like a protective shield.

The product has been developed for pure preservation and care of new and thoroughly cleaned paint surfaces – the formula contains no abrasives. Another highlight of Sonax Xtreme Protect+Shine: its application is extremely easy. The enclosed application sponge saves time and makes the application convenient; for streak-free polishing the set comes with a microfibre cloth. The high-quality aids are part of Sonax’ range of brand-name accessories and ensure optimal application.

Six months of paint protection: the new Sonax Xtreme Protect+Shine
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