In the lead by winning three titles already: the new Sonax Xtreme Windscreen wash “ready to use”

Sonax Xtreme Windscreen wash ready to use was introduced to the market only a few months ago and has won several tests already. The editorial offices of renowned international car magazines have put the products through its paces. Magazines such as “Top Gear” (Lithuania), “Alles Auto” (Austria) and “AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS” (Germany) reached the same conclusion: Thanks to its outstanding cleaning power and reliable material compatibility, Sonax Xtreme Windscreen wash reaches top scores in all categories. For both removing typical dirt and releasing insect residue Sonax Xtreme Windscreen wash performs better than all other test products. The Sonax product was best in test three times, thus convincingly demonstrating its top quality also in international comparison.

The Sonax developers have succeeded in inventing an innovative formula that features a cleaning power 25 per cent stronger than conventional formulas. Direct comparison clearly shows: when there were four wipe cycles necessary to clean the windshield without streaking before, the new Xtreme Windscreen Cleaner yields the same effect within three wipe cycles – which saves much cleaning solution and increases safety. The new product contains the ideal dosage of cleaning substances and is already prepared with softened water. Benefit: the cleaner achieves maximum efficiency and no limescale may deposit in the tank, on the nozzle or the windscreen. Sonax especially developed a new three-litre bottle for this innovation for it to not only look nice on the shelf. The exceptionally handy shape with practical handle facilitates the user to fill in the cleaner conveniently without spilling the liquid. And the especially wide spout allows decanting without “gurgling”.