For the pleasure of all senses: the new Sonax Premium Class Leather Care Set

For the pleasure of all senses: the new Sonax Premium Class Leather Care SetContrary to a race car’s cockpit, a passenger car is very comfortable – even more when the seats are covered with precious leather. To preserve this pleasant feeling for a long time, leather covers should be maintained regularly. The best leather care Sonax recommends demanding car owners is the noble Premium Class Leather Care Set. It is designed for smooth leather and perforated leather surfaces. Seats with heating can also be treated.

The intensive foam of the Leather Cleaner, which is part of the set, gently releases even stubborn dirt such as grease and staining of jeans. Together with the enclosed brush, the deeply penetrating cleaner is very efficient, also on deeply grained leather and around the seams. The two 250-ml bottles in the set last for many applications.

The cleaner is complemented by the newly developed, rich Premium Class Leather Care Cream, which contains moisturising active ingredients and produces a subtle shine. Additionally, it intensifies the colour and restores the leather’s natural smoothness. The integrated UV filters protect the leather against fading when exposed to sunlight. And “anti-creaking additives” ensure a comfortable seating sensation without seeming slippery. The treated surface has a water-repellent effect and forms a protective barrier against dirt. Premium accessories – a soft brush, care pad and the microfibre cloth – facilitate the application and ensure optimal results. The set comes with a high-quality bag – for the user to keep all products and accessories in one stylish place.