Long term paint protection with easy application

An extremely interesting addition to the paintwork care range is the new Sonax “Long Term Paint Protection”. The novelty contains wax-free preservation, comes in the 340-ml aerosol can, and convinces with easy application and four months of paint protection. The product appeals to customers by an attractive value for money and is designed to preserve new, as new and polished paintwork surfaces. The user can enjoy convenient application, stain and streak-free gloss and intensive restoration of colours within a short time.

SONAX “Turbo Paint Protection”: gloss and protection in record time

Another innovation for a brilliant appearance is delivered in the practical 500-ml spray bottle: Sonax “Turbo Paintwork Protection” convinces by particularly easy and time-saving application: spraying, wiping, done. The product achieves a visible caring effect emphasising both colour saturation and the original colour shade. Additionally, the formula provides an outstanding water-repellent effect when the vehicle gets wet.