Sonax innovations for paintwork finish and car valeting

Offering innovative professional products and a one-stop shop for paintwork finish and professional car valeting, Sonax has won many customers in vehicle servicing in recent years. In 2013, this business field grew by 25 per cent over the previous year. The product range has been refined continuously, presenting some interesting novelties in 2014.

Clear and concerted: the SONAX Profiline range

Thanks to deliberate labelling it is very easy to identify the right Sonax product for the respective paintwork treatment task. Easily comprehensible, diagrammed performance scales on the labels provide information on cut in relation to the degree of gloss. These information are also included in the product name on the label. In addition, the products’ different colours provide guidance in daily routine. From 2014, the entire Sonax Profiline range will be offered in a newly developed 1-litre container. It features a particularly practical cap and is easy to handle just as the tried and tested 250-ml tube in which the products are available as well.

Enhanced formulas from the Sonax Research and Development additionally promise improved application properties: for example the “Low-Dust Technology” that ensures lower dust formation, efficiency and increased degrees of gloss.

The abrasive paste “Profiline Cut Max” will be launched in summer 2014

Particularly worth mentioning are the concerted, silicone-free special products for removing paint defects. For example, the abrasive paste “Profiline Cut Max”, which will be launched in summer 2014, was specifically developed to remove defects in less time – and without leaving any holograms. This highly efficient product is also perfect for the professional to treat sanded areas and quickly remove marks, scratches or spray paint mist. For smoothing sanding marks, “Cut Max” is a strong partner as well and evens out visible traces of sand paper of up to P1000. When developing this product, the Sonax experts strived for keeping dust formation during processing as low as possible – a feature Sonax calls “Low-Dust Technology”. This effect helps the professional increase the degree of gloss and, at the same time, ensures efficient product use.

Single-step polishing and perfect mirror finish: 
“Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish”

“Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish” is suitable for the subsequent treatment and produces brilliant and hologram-free results. Additionally, the product was specifically designed for single-step processes to polish sanded paint defects. Together with a polishing machine, “Pefect Finish” is able to quickly polish paint defects, for example nibs, blisters or paint runs. This innovation from the Sonax’s development team excellently removes scratches and produces optimal shine – without any holograms. The formula was designed to achieve a visible and convincing mirror finish after sanding with P2000 grits.

When requiring a higher abrasive effect, Sonax has another finish expert in its range: “Profiline Cut & Finish“. Coming with a refined formula, the product has been optimised in terms of application properties. It is ideally suited for polishing sanded paintwork areas. It removes P1500 or finer sanding marks. The car care specialist’s development team has developed a formula containing special polishing granules that yield high abrasion with minimum matting. At the same time, “Profiline Cut & Finish” is characterised by low dust formation, can be processed for a long time and, thus, also convinces in terms of efficiency.

A sealing compatible with paintwork: the voluntary routine after paintwork finish

Sonax has also incorporated its car valeting expertise into the development of a sealant that is compatible with paintwork. The Profiline series’ hard wax formula “HW 02-04” is intended for the finishing paintwork treatment. The product contains premium-quality Carnauba wax, protects paint surfaces against weather and environmental influences and ensures a brilliant shine.

Sonax Profiline EX 04-06 – new for orbital polishing machines

“Sonax Profiline EX 04-06” is a completely new development intended for the use with orbital polishing machines. This silicone-free polish contains abrasives invented by the Sonax Research and Development. They allow stepless treatment already after the finish with P2000 sanding paper to a hologram-free brilliant finish. The “Sonax Profiline Ex 04-06” application areas include freshly painted surfaces that shall obtain an optimised finish. Further applications are all kinds of polishing works on sanded or pre-polished paintwork surfaces.

“Sonax Clay Disc” – new professional accessory

For processing polishes, Sonax recommends using polishing sponges of the own accessory range that are attuned to the respective application area. The car care specialist from Neuburg has also extended this portfolio. New 2014 addition is, for example, the “Clay Disc”, an innovative alternative to the classic cleaning clay and which is to be used with machines. The “Clay Disc” is designed as attachment to 125-mm plates of polishing machines. Spray paint mist and stubborn residue are quickly removed from large areas thanks to its use with orbital or rotational polishing machines. The disc’s cleaning material consists of innovative rubber polymers, which are simply rinsed with water to be cleaned.