“Added Value” for the engine

Oil and fuel additives by Sonax ensure value preservation, durability and increased performance of vehicles.

One of the other Sonax product ranges that also comes with motorsport technology has found many fans in the past 10 years of its existence: carefully matched oil and fuel additives which ensure value preservation, durability and increased performance of vehicles.The Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” range of fuel and oil additives is recommended in order to guarantee consistently good engine performance and optimum durability. Each combustion operation produces sooty residues, which collect in injection nozzles, valves or nozzle needles of diesel engines. Noticeable effects caused by these residues are reduced acceleration, increase in pollutant emissions, uneven idling capability, increased fuel consumption, and faster wear and tear. Sonax offers solutions in tried and tested quality. A range of the following additives has been developed together with international experts based on high standards:

• Easy Off Engine Cleaner (Flush)

• Diesel System CleanerFuel System Cleaner

• Fuel Injection and Carburettor Cleaner

• Octane Power

• Lead Add

• Smoke Reducer

• Oil Enhancer

Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” Easy Off Engine Cleaner (Flush)

Sonax Easy Off Engine Cleaner Flush removes all soot and sludge residues from the engine quickly and safely in an easy-to-use way during the oil change. Heavily oxidised and lumpy oil residues are completely dissolved too. The new oil remains free from “residues”.

During the cleaning process, the product simultaneously coats all surfaces susceptible to abrasion with a durable protective film. The “engine rinse” improves the compression of the machine, treats the wearing parts gently and preserves the properties and protective benefits of the newly inserted engine oil.

Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” Diesel System Cleaner

Inefficiency due to compression losses and “nailing” noises whilst driving can easily occur if the diesel system is clogged up with soot or if there are impurities or deposits. These impurities are loosened and removed with the Diesel System Cleaner. The product is ideally suited to acute and preventative treatment. If used every second time you fill up with fuel, the Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” Diesel System Cleaner reduces pollutant emission, keeps the injection nozzles clean, protects against corrosion and thus guarantees optimal performance of the machine.

Sonax „Formula 1 Performance” Fuel System Cleaner

Most car drivers expect reliability and lasting maximum performance from their vehicle as a matter of course as well as a smooth interaction between technology and fuels. There are, however, often reasons for loss of performance and bad acceleration – blocked up feed valves, residues in the carburettor and cylinder head may be the cause.

Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” Fuel System Cleaner removes and prevents these causes. 250 ml approximately every 5,000 km on a full tank are sufficient to clean the complete fuel system and to effectively remove performance-diminishing deposits in the carburettor or injection system. The result is that the original performance spectrum of the engine is restored, the petrol consumption is reduced and an improvement in the acceleration capability is noticeable – in the best sense “tuning from inside”.

Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” Fuel Injection & Carburettor Cleaner

The carefully matched combination of formula ingredients ensures that the engine works without a hitch. Carbon deposits and other residues are effectively removed from all fuel-conducting components, the injection system and the intake manifold. At the same time, involved pumps, regulators and injection valve bodies are lubricated; condensed water is absorbed. Regular use provides lasting protection against rust and corrosion for the fuel system. Increased service life is accompanied by optimum operation of the injection system and thus the precise supply of fuel amounts. This results in lower fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, which means neither the environment nor the car driver’s wallet suffer. Sonax Fuel Injection and Carburettor Cleaner improves the general performance of the engine. Starting difficulties and uneven idling belong just as much to the past as reduced acceleration capability. Top performance is therefore also possible for older engines – clean pleasure and with 250 ml for 5,000 km a manageable investment.

Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” Octane Power

Do good things better and eliminate defects. The purpose of the fuel and oil additives from Sonax can be summed up in this simple formula, namely they optimise their properties. Signs of wear and tear are also reduced, and the full performance capability of the engines is preserved for longer. “Octane Power”, specially formulated for octane optimisation, offers a speedy remedy for fuels with a low octane value. No matter whether leaded or unleaded petrol is used, with this “Made in Germany” additive, the engine achieves its best possible performance without “spluttering”. Knocking and ringing noises are prevented and fuel consumption is reduced through improved conversion. Even in turbo-charged engines, its use is not only safe, but also advisable, as the load for the individual components also increases in the case of high-powered machines. Octane Power from the Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” range offers engine protection for long-lasting driving enjoyment.

Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” Lead Add

Whether due to age or market conditions, vehicles that rely on leaded petrol are increasingly being faced with the problem of finding suitable fuel. They are ideally served by “Lead Add” from the Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” range. Used in a mixing ratio of 1:1000, the lead substitute helps engines that rely on it to achieve top performance capability. The outstanding benefit is the protection of the valves. Without a lead substitute, the combustion process quickly leads to damage there and in the gaskets. With Sonax Lead Add, full compression, optimum performance spectrum and smooth functioning of the engine are once again available. Active value preservation is accompanied by easy handling. Just add to the tank in the stated mixing ratio, and the machine’s all-round perfect performance is yours.

Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” Smoke Reducer

You can now swiftly put a stop to unintentional smoke screen operations. In tried and test quality, Sonax offers a “Made in Germany” oil additive, which efficiently prevents smoke arising. Smoke Reducer from the Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” range makes a valuable contribution to the maintenance of the vehicle via a highly effective formula. Small gaps and minor looseness of worn mechanical components in the engine are sealed and prevent unwanted oil combustion in the engine compartment. As a result the formation of smells and smoke are reduced, further wear and tear is prevented, the compression is improved and the engine runs quieter.

Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” Oil Enhancer

Uneven combustion processes and small leaks may lead to excessive oil consumption. The root cause is frequently signs of wear and tear on the mechanical components inside of the engine. This is exactly where Oil Enhancer from the Sonax “Formula 1 Performance” range gets to work. All mechanical elements are optimally protected by stabilising the viscosity of the engine oil and improving the lubrication of the engine surfaces. Oil and petrol consumption falls and engine failures are reduced in the case of older engines. The overall performance of the engine is preserved or restored. For old and new engines alike, Sonax Oil Enhancer offers maintenance and upkeep from inside – for more and long-lasting driving enjoyment.