Sonax Xtreme Antifreeze & Clear View best in Auto Bild and GTÜ test

A high-power windscreen cleaner for the winter guarantees a clear view within seconds – even with extreme weather conditions. In co-operation with the Society for Technical Inspection (GTÜ), the magazine “Auto Bild” put eleven products on trial. The winter windscreen cleaner Sonax Xtreme Antifreeze & Clear View won.

The testers’ conclusion: “Sonax Xtreme achieves the best cleaning result.” In addition, the product convinces in all the other test categories. Criteria evaluated included application, effect, material compatibility and costs. For the overall results, the Sonax cleaner was the only product in test to obtain a “very good” rating. Three other products achieved “good” ratings, five were only considered “satisfactory”, and one of the products did not exceed “sufficient”.

The Auto Bild experts recommend: “When a cleaner removes the dirt within three wipe cycles, it is considerably more economical than a product not being able to clean the windscreen within ten cycles.” The test winner requires 2.4 wipe cycles only to clean the windscreen and thus leads the field. The second-best concentrate already needs twice as many cycles, the last product trails behind with 11.6 wipe cycles. Poor cleaning power is an essential safety aspect: when a product needs five to ten cycles instead of two to three, the driver may quickly get into a hazardous situation. To help illustrate this point: at a speed of 90 km/h, four seconds of reduced visibility correspond to 120 metres of “blind flight”.

The risk of poor visibility can be reduced to a minimum with the Auto Bild and GTÜ test winner. Winning formula is the newly designed “Smart Dynamics Technology”: specially developed, particularly powerful and cold-active surfactants minimise the water’s surface tension. Within fractions of a second, the dirt is enclosed and broken up before the wiper blades thoroughly remove it from the windscreen without leaving any streaks. Another new feature is the addition of a fresh and pleasant scent. The concentrate is mixed with water to provide frost protection ranging between minus ten to minus 30 degrees Celsius, and is offered in the 5-litre canister or as ready-to-use product in the 3-litre stand-up pouch.

The product also contains glycerine to prevent wiper blades from rubbing and to keep the rubber supple. Just like all Sonax windscreen cleaners, Sonax Xtreme Antifreeze & Clear View is particularly gentle on materials and suitable for fan jet nozzles. Paintwork and rubber parts are not attacked. Cheap products may induce stress cracks in the sensitive headlamp diffusers, causing damages that may involve high costs.

Firstplace and “very good” rating in the Auto Bild and GTÜ test: Sonax Xtreme Antifreeze & Clear Viewconcentrate.