“Ultra-fast” vision with the new Sonax Xtreme Windscreen Wash ready-to-use

The new Sonax Xtreme Windscreen Wash ready-to-use marks the Neuburg-based car care specialist’s launch of a further innovation for road-users. The new formula achieves 25 percent-enhanced cleaning performance, “ultra-fast” vision, greater safety and a reduced consumption of cleaning fluid.

During springtime, the low sun turns smudgy windscreens into a safety hazard. However, with a highly effective windscreen cleaner you are on the safe side. In the warm season, it is imperative that the cleaner removes insect residue that may be smeared over the windscreen when the wiper is activated and thus reduce visibility. An easy task for the new Windscreen Wash ready-to-use. The Sonax developers have succeeded in inventing an innovative formula that features a cleaning power 25 per cent stronger than conventional formulas. Direct comparison clearly shows: when there were eight wipe cycles necessary to clean the windshield without streaking before, the new Xtreme Windscreen Wash ready-to-use yields the same effect within six wipe cycles – which saves much cleaning solution and increases safety.

The product contains the ideal dosage of cleaning substances and is already prepared with softened water. Benefit: the cleaner achieves maximum efficiency and no limescale may deposit in the tank, on the nozzle or the windscreen. The product’s enhanced efficiency makes 1:1 dilutions with water reasonable – for example, when primarily driving in urban traffic. In this case, insect residue is less persistent than after motorway trips.The manufacturer from Neuburg especially developed a new three-litre bottle for this innovation for it to not only look nice on the shelf. The exceptionally handy shape with practical handle facilitates the user to fill in the cleaner conveniently without spilling the liquid. And the especially wide spout allows decanting without “gurgling”. The new products from the Sonax innovations laboratory are being presented by the car care specialist in the coming weeks by way of an advertising campaign with a new design - the “Xtreme-Look” created by Sonax.

The 25 per cent extra in cleaning power: the new Sonax Xtreme Windscreen Wash ready-to-use in the convenient three-litre bottle.